Nurse Influencers: Advocacy via Social Media & Events


Nurse Influencer

Social media influencers are a big part of our lives nowadays. Nurse Influencer are people who really share valuable insights from their everyday lives and create awareness around important topics.

Nurse Influencer are becoming more and more popular on different social media channels like TikTok and Instagram. They use the popularity of their profiles to give helpful advice to other nurses based on their own experiences. Bloggers, vloggers, and other social media influencers in the nursing field provide some great insights from their professional and personal lives. Eye-opening, emotional, moving, or even funny the stories from the Nurse Influencer are relatable and valuable for many other nurses.

We love Nurse influencers #nursefluencer

There are many nurses who provide valuable content on their social media channels. Maybe you are wondering out of all these Nurse Influencer who are worth following on Instagram? Therefore if you do a research on the UK nurses in Instagram you will find influential and helpful posts from many nurses, especially now in the Covid-19 pandemic. We will share with you profiles of some of the lovely nurses we follow on Instagram. Therefore, you must get very creative with the content they post and they can all bring your daily dose of inspiration.

So here are 5 nursefluencers which you can check out and follow on Instagram…
GP Nurse Claire | Instagram @c_carmichael83/ 

Claire is a newly qualified GP nurse who is very active in sharing helpful advice in the nursing profession. In her Instagram profile you can find her personal experience as a GP nurse as well as tips on different topics. She is really open-hearted and expresses herself beautifully with a touch of humour. Even if you are not a nurse, you can learn many interesting facts from her educational posts. Claire will cheer you up and give you useful insights simultaneously!

Adolescent Nurse Eloise | Instagram @thenursinglifeofeloise 

As she had written in her bio, Eloise is sharing through her IG what life as a nurse is really like ’with a lil bit of real life & a whole lot of ranting’. Eloise is an adolescent nurse who has been sharing various aspects of the nursing profession through her posts. Vocal and transparent about her experiences and feelings she shows both the good and the bad in each situation. Nurse Eloise provides insights from the Covid-19 pandemic through the eyes of a nurse and this is something that will touch your soul for sure.

Nurse Influencer

GP Nurse N’zi | Instagram @nurse_nzi

Nurse N’zi is a general practice nurse who has an amazing content on her profile. Apart from her career as a GP nurse she is a coach and full-time motivator helping student nurses achieve success in their career path. It is amazing how the young nurse is engaging with so many things at the same time. Nurse Nzi gets creative with her TikTok content as well!

Being a nurse, a coach and full-time motivator must be exhausting, but we are sure that she is doing it from the heart, and therefore loves her everyday activities. You can find lots of motivation and inspiration in her posts!

Nurse Influencer

Adults & Peads RN Sara | Instagram @sara_cucciniello 

Sara has been sharing insights from the nursing profession seen through her eyes. You can find current topics being discussed in her posts. For instance, she has recently got the Covid-19 vaccine and shares good reasons for having it.

As an outgoing person, nurse Sara is also giving us her daily life insights from outside of the hospital. After all nurses are normal human beings. With a dose of superpower. From motivational to educational and eye-opening, her posts will help you see the world of the nurse more clear!

Nurse Influencer

Registered Nurse Morgan | Instagram @morgann_wilkins 

Working as a registered nurse for the NHS, Morgan is sharing current topics through her profile with a big and charming smile. She is engaging people in various topics which are important for consideration. Nurse Morgan has caught the attention of NHS England as well, who shared her post where she is being totally honest about what nurses are going through. We want to say: Keep on being open and vocal and the world will hear you!

Nurse Influencer

Community Nurse Lydia | Instagram @staffnurselydia 

Freshly graduated, Lydia has started her professional nursing journey during the times of pandemic. She is showing a positive attitude towards the current situation which can be a good source of inspiration for many nurses during these times. Get your daily dose of hope and belief in the good through her posts.

Online events and Nursing summits

Another popular way of communicating with the world is through online events and summits. Nurses engage people in different topics which are ongoing and interesting for everyone. This is a great way for the nurses to express themselves and speak up about their workplace reality. The nursing profession in general. Nurses often share insights from their personal life, their work-life balance. Ways to cope with that, which could give ‘save the day’ advice for others in the same position.

Finally, the team of MyLocum wants to give a chance to all nurses to speak up and share their experience with the world. This is why we have decided to organize a nursing summit which will be released on the International Nursing day on 12th May 2021. The online event aims to virtually gather nurses from the UK, who want to reach the world with their stories. Nurses will have the chance to share confessions and thoughts coming from the heart, which they believe are worth being exposed to everyone. From funny to moving those stories will get close to your heart.

You can register for free here https: Nursing Summit Page

Nurse Influencer

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