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You may not have a recruitment background, but if you’ve got a passion for supporting others, the enthusiasm to learn and the drive to succeed as a highly effective World Class Recruitment Consultant then we are looking for you!

A career with Mylocum Group provides an investment in your personal and professional development. As a renowned healthcare recruitment agency, we’re honored to devote time and expert training for the next generation of recruiters. At Mylocum Academy, we offer a hands-on 6-week training programme planned to support the next talent pool of recruiters to develop into skilled recruiters.

Through a tailored recruitment plan our recruiters will feel supported in their journeys. We’re on the lookout for passionate, hungry, career oriented future recruiters to join our team.


Testimonial from out two top Trainee Recruitment Consultants

Mylocum Academy Trainee, Doctors Division


“My experience of the academy has been excellent. I was taught an overview of the role and how to talk, act and think like a recruiter in a short space of time.

Thanks to the training I’ve seen positive results in my first two days of resourcing and managed to secure a few candidates that are interested in working with us. The vibe of the academy is uplifting and very encouraging – I can see myself growing and working at this company for life. “

Mylocum Academy Trainee, Nurses Division


“I have enjoyed my time with the academy really getting to understand the industry. I came in not so confident but “The Professor” managed to build my confidence and some characteristics that I never knew I carried, he managed to develop and help me produce.

Now I know how to be an efficient recruiter whilst still learning on the job as every day is not the same.”


You will work both individually and as part of a group on a variety of exercises.
Below is a timeline of the entire course you will doing with us:

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Academy Overview

Come and join us for a fun assessment day, selection process and combine several activities and tasks to assess you. Assessment days are fun and exciting as they allow you to demonstrate more skills than if you were simply tasked with a traditional face-to-face interview.

Assessment days are often the final stage of the selection process. You’ll be joined by other candidates making the day full of exciting ideas, group activities and solutions.



A good way to know others and to introduce yourself to the group – so try to think of something memorable!

Group Discussions & Presentations


A practical task is to be assessed on your communication, problem solving and social skills.

In Tray Exercises


A task that tests your attitude when dealing with a problem that is relevant to the job you’re applying for

Role Play


A fun and creative way to get a good experience and taste of what it would be like working as a sales manager and recruitment consultant.



Our members will present from each department. To see what they do on a daily basis when they come to work.

Salary Predictions

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You can also contact our Careers Team via email if you have any questions

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