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Our Clients

In all aspects of the medical, nursing, health, and social care industries, we will assist you in hiring trained and experienced health care workers. Being able to work in partnership with our clients, we take full pride in creating services and solutions that we can collaborate with our clients which should match your needs if they are temporary or permanent vacancies. As a result, our team will stay by your side throughout the entire hiring process for our well-informed team of recruiting experts that understand how important it is to locate the best staffing solutions for you.

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Framework Suppliers

Many of our clients are restricted by the staffing frameworks they are permitted to use by procurement methods. Although the requirements for framework entry change, all staffing frameworks set competitive pricing that agencies must stick to and demand a high standard of ethics and compliance. Framework suppliers are required to follow a set of standard terms and conditions and are certified and supervised by their respective organisations, giving clients the assurance that they will receive the best hiring at a reasonable cost.

Hiring a diverse array of health and social positions means we use multiple frameworks and preferred supplier lists:

Why Mylocum

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What Mylocum Can Offer

Our finance team works tirelessly and is fully knowledgeable across numerous NHS portals and payment systems.

Our candidates have a dedicated compliance officer for a speedy compliance process and quality service.

We aim to have a variety of different specialty jobs for all our healthcare workers.

Our consultants team has extensive expertise in various areas of consultancy services and are committed to helping you.

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