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Compliance: UK Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Our efficient, robust and comprehensive team is fully aware of the compliance requirements you’ll have to fulfil before starting your job. Our compliance team will help you to ensure your documentation is not only in order but also up to date.

Employment History & References

  • Up-to-date CV (any gaps to be explained)
  • Professional references from two placements covering a minimum of three years of latest employment
  • Overseas police check (if applicable)

DBS Checks

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • We even apply for DBS

Mandatory Training

  • Certificate for practical Basic/Immediate/Advanced Life Support training completed in the last year (last four years for ALS)
  • Certificates for practical Manual Handling and Fire Safety training completed in the last year.
  • Valid mandatory training online courses & certifications
  • CSTF Aligned
  • PMVA – mental health
  • GSA Alighnes

Professional Registration Online

  • Application forms
  • Qualifications certificate / Diploma.
  • Proof of professional Body registration
  • NMC, GMC & HCPC registration
  • Online application
  • Share code

  • Hep B ( Titre level)
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella ( or evidence of 2 MMRS vaccination, Rn)
  • Tuberculosis (BCG scar been sighted by OH Nurse / Doctor document)
  • Varicella / or Self-declaration of having had chickenpox or shingles
Doctors Timesheet

Download a copy of our weekly time-sheet from below.

Mileage Expenses

Community nurses, fill out our form to claim back your travel expenses.

Nursing Timesheet

Download a copy of our weekly time-sheet from below.

Sign up for Our Training Programs

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(Prevention and Management of violence & aggression) £200/delegate 3-day full course Face to face (every Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

We can offer a discount of: 10% for a Minimum of 5 delegates. 15% for 10 delegates.

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(Prevention and Management of violence & aggression) £80/delegate 1-day refresher Face to face (every Tuesday)

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Basic Life Support

3 hours – face to face (every Monday)

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Fire Safety Awareness

4 hours face to face
(every last Wednesday)

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Moving and Handling

5 hours – face to face
(every Monday)

Free Practical Training Day

We provide FREE Practical Training Days, where you can join us even if you are not registered with us.
The training session is free, however if you would like to purchase copies of your certificate to take away with you, they are available for £20 each, or all three for £50 (Please note: we only accept cash)

Manual Handling
(on site)

Basic Life Support
(on site)

Fire Safety Training
(on site)

In House Phlebotomy- Coming Soon



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