Trust Me, I Work with the NHS-Mylocum Healthcare Summit 2022


'Trust Me, I work in the NHS'

Online series featuring 22 Healthcare Professionals sharing their Stories of Courage and Compassion, in Hospitals and Beyond


We present to you the ‘Mylocum Healthcare Online Summit’. Join us to immerse yourself in a sea of knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to get the UK Healthcare Professionals together; which is an incredible opportunity to introduce yourself to your peers. The speakers on the summit will be sharing anecdotes, lessons, and experiences from their professional career journey.

These speakers have a treasure trove of knowledge. You get the opportunity to network with the best in your field of medicine. The different breakthroughs in medicine can also come to light. 

As a speaker or a viewer, you could even find yourself a mentor amongst the other speakers who could open more opportunities for you which you never thought to explore on your own.

Join the summit for free and open the door to new opportunities- network, find a mentor, learn from your peers’ experience

You may even find a mentor who will help you grow positively in your career. Credibility in the field amongst other medical professionals will also improve after you showcase your stories.

Learning never stops and you can learn from the summit no matter where you are in your career.

Tell an audience of medical professionals all the anecdotes which you have gathered throughout the years and inspire everyone.

Meet Our 22 Speakers

speaker 1 - Dr Anisha
Dr Anisha Patel NHS GP Doctor

Dr Anisha is a GP Doctor with two beautiful children. She shares incredible content on her personal cancer journey and gives some great tips from both a GP and patient perspective. instagram@doctorsgetcancertoo

speaker 2 - Dr Ezgi
Dr Ezgi Ozcan NHS GP Doctor

Dr Ezgi Ozcan, a GP trainee working in North London, currently on maternity leave. She runs social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram and TIkTok showcasing her life as a junior doctor. instagram@drezgiozcan

speaker 3 - Dr Bhasha
Dr Bhasha Mukherjee NHS Medical Doctor

Dr Bhasha Mukherjee is medical doctor and the former Miss England 2019-2021 who was the first Indian to win Miss england and represented England at Miss World 2019. instagram@bhashamukherjee

speaker 4 - Lea Wilson
Lea Wilson NHS Paediatric Registered Nurse

Nurse Leas is a Qualified Nurse who is currently working in Children's A&E department. She creates amazing content on Instagram about nursing on a day to day as Paediatric Nurse. instagram@paedsnurse_mama

speaker 5 - Safia
Dr Safia Family Medicine/NHS GP

Dr Safia is a GP Doctor and into family medicine, she shares her journey as a doctor, mother and everything in between. She has an amazing appetite of food across the world. instagram@doctor.safia

speaker 6 - Dr anita
Dr Anita Raja NHS GP Doctor

Dr Anita is a General practitioner (GP) taking care of patients in the NHS with the experience and knowledge she has gained over the years. She is also a broadcaster. instagram@dranitaraja

speaker 7 - kerry
Kerry NHS Nurse

Kerry is a newly qualified nurse. She studied Adult Nursing at The University of The West of Scotland. Nurse Kerry presents on her Instagram account part of her life, and we really appreciate it. instagram@nursingwithkerry

speaker 8 - Dr ravina
Dr Ravina Bhanot NHS Doctor

Dr. Ravina is an NHS Doctor who uses social media to promote her knowledge and passion for cardiology, women's health, global health, and medical technology. instagram@doctor.ravina

speaker 9 - Alexandra
Alexandra James NHS Midwife

Alexandra aka AJ is an NHS Midwife who shares incredible content posts on pre & postnatal advice and tips for pregnant or new mums. instagram@theptmidwife

speaker 10 - dr asha
Dr Asha Padhiar NHS GP Doctor

Dr Asha is an NHS Doctor who finished her teaching fellowship and recently started her first rotation in A&E. She shares fantastic social content from her professional and personal life journey.

speaker 11 - Rebecca
Rebecca Sinnarajah NICU Nurse

Rebecca is a NICU Nurse and a Model who conquered the hearts of many people once she participated at Miss Universe, Miss Ealing and Miss England. instagram@miss_rebecca.s

speaker 12 - dr parisah
Dr Parisah Hussain NHS Doctor

Dr Parisah is a NHS Doctor who shares amazing content about her experience and journey as a Psychiatry in her second foundation year.

speaker 13 - Dania
Dr Dania Al-Tamimi NHS Doctor

Dr Dania is an NHS Doctor working in Neuro/Stroke rotation. She loves creating content outside of work and sharing her experience for both her personal and professional lifestyle. instagram@daniaaltamimi_

speaker 14. - n_zi
N’zi Ahouzan NHS Nurse/ Care Manager

N’zi is a Nurse and Care Manager who shares positive and inspiring content posts on Instagram. She has a passion for talking about how to choose and the journey on becoming registered nurse. instagram@iamnziahouzan

speaker 15 - Alice
Alice Jones NHS Paramedic

Alice is a Paramedic who share a lot of content about her experience in the Ambulance Service. In 2022, she was crowned Miss Black Country and getting a place in the Miss England Final. instagram@alicejones125

speaker 16 - sophie
Dr Amaka Sophie NHS Doctor

Dr Sophie is a NHS Doctor who has been working with International Medical Graduates for the last 4/5 years in various capacities, and is very passionate about it. instagram@amakanj

speaker 17 - Dr Juhee
Dr Juhee NHS Doctor

Dr Juhee shares her journey as a NHS Doctor on her social media platforms. She even has an interest in doing professional multi genre dancer, choreographer and instructor. instagram@dr.juhee

Speaker 18 - Dr Azmain
Dr Azmain NHS Doctor

Dr Azmain is a Medical Doctor who runs a brilliant YouTube channel. Being into Medical Education, he shares stories of his experience in the field, interesting medical conditions and TV reactions. instagram@doctorazmain

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