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Trust me, I am a Nurse

Stories of Courage and Compassion, in Hospitals and Beyond

About the Online Summit

Trust me, I am a Nurse

Our Aim

Virtually gather stories from nurses in the UK…. from funny to moving, the stories will get into the unspoken reality of the life of a nurse. Stories of care, courage and compassion will get close to your heart and maybe you will be able to relate to some of them.

Aiming to show that you are not alone, this online event will gather confessions of influential nurses through short videos. In hospitals and beyond, the nursing profession has its depth and no two days are the same. In just one day, a nurse can experience a mix of emotions, and few nurses will share it through their perspective with the world.

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The touching videos will be released on the International Nursing day on 12th May 2021.

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