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We are facing one of the serious threats to the survival of mankind on this planet now! Healthcare institutions and professionals all over the world are toiling hard day and night to combat the novel coronavirus disease. The NHS has been a strong pillar of support for the residents of UK in the existing circumstances. Now, it’s our turn to support our healthcare heroes for their efforts and help them in every possible way to safeguard our futures. Here are some of the interesting ways in which you can help our NHS #HealthcareHeros.

Become a Volunteer

The first thing you can do to support our NHS #HealthcareHeros is to volunteer with the NHS. According to Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, the NHS presently needs around 250,000 volunteers for supporting its operations. In the times of crisis, we face now, volunteers can support the NHS with essential tasks such as driving patients to appointments and delivering medicines from pharmacies.

In a recent news report, many volunteers across the UK are delivering food to NHS staff during the crisis. The other tasks which volunteers can help with include bringing patients back home from the hospital or making regular phone calls to check on people in self-isolation. You can become a volunteer easily by signing up at https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS.

Practice Social Distancing at All Times  

It has been around three weeks since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the nationwide lockdown in the UK. Social distancing is one of the proven approaches for containing the spread of the novel coronavirus disease. If you want to help our NHS heroes, then you should stay at home! This is the simplest and easiest way to show your support for the healthcare workers at NHS.

Every individual should note that the staff and volunteers at NHS are risking their lives and precious time with their families to save us all. The least we can do for them is to stay home and follow the advice given by the government.

Don’t Go for Panic Purchases 

Another promising way in which you can help our NHS #HealthcareHeros is by avoiding panic buying. Critical care medical staff, such as nurses, are returning from prolonged and excruciating hours of work to find empty shelves. In a news article, a nurse working for the NHS grieves over not being able to shop for food after completing a 48-hour shift.

Healthcare workers are our first line of defence against the fast-spreading COVID-19 outbreak. So, if we empty the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets of basic foods, vegetables, and fruits, how are our carers supposed to stay healthy? Think of all possible answers to this question and buy things that you need and in the right amount.

Be Responsible  

One of the most crucial ways in which we can help our NHS #HealthcareHeros is by restricting the spread of COVID-19. We don’t have to be trained medical professionals for following the simple guidelines to stay safe from COVID-19. For example, washing your hands for 20 seconds with water and soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at frequent intervals is not so complex.

All you have to do is sit back at your homes and follow the guidelines communicated by the NHS. Most important of all, follow the rules of social distancing at all times. If you discover any symptoms of COVID-19, then self-isolate for seven days. If you are living in a household, then all members of the family should be in isolation for 14 days.

Create Awareness through Social Media

Among the many possible ways that you can help our NHS #HealthcareHeros, creating awareness could be the most promising. While the NHS workers and volunteers wage war against COVID-19 at the front lines, we can empower people with awareness. Staying at home with a stable internet connection might be a suitable proposition for many other things, such as binge-watching.

However, you can make a difference by using resources available to you for creating awareness about COVID-19. Use social media to your advantage and spread awareness among your contacts while asking them to spread the information further. Most important of all, make sure that the information you share about COVID-19 is from official sources such as the NHS itself.

So, now you could also join the fight against COVID-19 alongside our NHS #HealthcareHeros. The simple ways in which we can extend our support to the staff and volunteers of NHS can make a huge difference. Let’s stand together and defeat COVID-19 with our spirit of unity and solidarity!


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