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Christmas gift

It is the most wonderful time of the year to show your love, affection and appreciation to the ones you care about. Therefore we should think and consider whom we are thankful to and how to show them our appreciation with a Christmas gift.

The year of 2020 was especially challenging for the medical staff who have gone beyond their capabilities to save people’s lives in the times of pandemic. They have done and continue to do sacrifices with their own safety and health in order to save us. The whole world should be grateful for their selflessness and keep these heroes in our prayers and Christmas wishes.

Have you thought about a Christmas gifts for your nurse friends? Or maybe you have a nurse aunt who you want to surprise for the holidays? It is always a good idea to show appreciation to your fellow nurse colleague as well.

Let us be joyful but also thoughtful when buying gifts this year and help small businesses survive the Covid crisis.

Have you considered doing your Christmas shopping from small local shops? Yes, you are right, non-essential shops are closed now. But you can still help small businesses stay afloat by shopping online on their website. Make your research on the small businesses in your area and what they offer. Christmas is time for kindness and spreading joy so let us be good to one another!

You can check the brands in your area using this link: Locally

The decision making process could be quite long when it comes to choosing the right present. Here are some thoughtful and practical Christmas gift ideas for a fellow nurse which you can try to find locally or shop online from small businesses.

  • Scented Candles 

Christmas gifts

Why are scented candles good for nurses? You might only relate them to the nice smell, however there are other benefits to be considered. The psychotherapist Chryssa Chalkia shares that it is scientifically proven how scented candles have a positive effect on our overall mental health. She explains that when the brain processes the smell it stimulates the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine. And what are those hormones important for? Exactly, for reducing the anxiety level, which could be very high in the nursing field. Nurses need products beneficial for their mental health and a simple gift like a scented candle could be really thoughtful. 

Helping the small businesses you can check out the Okiki website. They have amazing handcrafted candles made from natural ingredients.

Okiki Skincare

  • Dansko Clogs and Sneakers 

Christmas gifts

Comfortable shoes are essentials in the nursing profession. When working on long shifts within such a dynamic environment, the right shoes are a must. In order to prevent any aches and pain, the nurses need to wear supportive shoes not just regular ones as they do not have the required stability and durability. An excellent nursing shoes are the clogs or supportive sneakers. The shoes should be lightweight, durable, with a wide toe box and slip-resistant sole. Many shoe shops have clogs, so you can make your research and find the most suitable for your fellow nurse. You can take a look at the Juta shoes website which has many products to choose from.

– Jutashoes

  • Much needed massage 

Christmas gifts

Nurses devote their lives to the patients and their well-being. They constantly care about others, but once in a while nurses need somebody to take care of them too. A good massage could be like a well deserved break from reality and help the nurses with the work related stress. It not only reduces the muscle tension but also improves circulation and brings relaxation. 

Unfortunately during the times of pandemic such services are closed and not recommended. The good news is that there are several types of electronic massagers which you could consider. They are practical and could be used every now and then whenever it is needed.

  • Compression Socks

Christmas gifts

The older you get the more you realize what a genius present socks really are. Once a cliche, socks are becoming the ultimate Christmas gift, which is both affordable and useful. Why would a nurse appreciate socks for Christmas? They would and they would love it, especially talking about the Compression socks. Wearing compression socks have many benefits for the legs and feets. It promotes better blood flow in the veins of the calves and feet which is much needed when you stand for long shifts. As this is Christmas time, you could choose socks with thematic or funny graphics on them. The gift will bring a smile on the face of the nurse which is priceless.

Giftlab: Gifts for Nurses

As we know 2020 was an especially tough year for the medical sector and it would be nice to cheer them up and show our love and respect. Of course, we are not talking only about materialistic gifts. Expressing how thankful you are for having them in your life would warm their hearts too!
However if you are considering a gift idea – thoughtful and practical gifts as the ones mentioned above are highly appreciated in the nursing profession.

Let us make the nurses in our lives feel holy and jolly during the Christmas holidays!

Do you have any other gift ideas for nurses?  Please comment and share your suggestions with others.

Christmas gift

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