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IR35 rules


Trying to grasp the requirements surrounding IR35 can be difficult for agency nurses and locum doctors. Many healthcare professionals look for IR35 rules, advice and information. The last thing you need to be concerned about is your IR35 status.

There are changes to the IR35 rules that run from April 2021 that still unclear to some of you. We have summarised the information around the IR35 rules for the healthcare sector in this article to ease your work.



What is IR35?

The government’s tax legislation known as IR35 focuses on finding ‘disguised employees’.  Or those who provide services to a customer through an intermediate firm. For instance, personal service companies (PSC), whose relationship with the customer would otherwise be one of employment. (GOV.UK, 2021)


This is the General Medicine – Radiology (Consultant), we currently have in Northern Ireland, Enniskillen.

Operating inside the IR35 rules

Being deemed ‘inside IR35′ for tax purposes implies you are treated as if you were a permanent employee by your end client and are consequently subject to PAYE. When you work in IR35, your employer (which may be an umbrella company or a recruiting agency) deducts the relevant taxes and NI contributions from your pay ‘at source,’ meaning before it hits your bank account.


New IR35 Rules since April 2021 

The new rules have been introduced to the IR35 private sector on the 6th April 2021. HMRC has long been concerned about the use of Personal Service Company (PSC) intermediaries, believing that there is a considerable ‘tax gap’ as a result of these arrangements. Payments made to middlemen, such as PSCs, have been subjected to the new restrictions. PSC has no longer been in charge of IR35 since April of this year. Instead, each assignment’s IR35 status must be determined by the end-client.


This is the Registered General Nurse (Band 5 -7), we have available in London.

What are the Engagement Options with Mylocum? 

If your assignment falls inside IR35, Mylocum can provide you with the following engagement choices, where taxes and NI is deducted:


  • PAYE 
  • Umbrella model 


If you need any further information about the Private sector off-payroll working for intermediaries and contractors check the official government guidance . You can as well understand more about the April 2021 changes to the off-payroll working rules (IR35) related to the healthcare industry here.

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