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Primary Care Nurse


Are you looking for a career in the field of nursing? If yes, it will be useful to choose a career as a primary care nurse. As people are now looking for better healthcare services, nurses’ demand also has been increased, especially primary care nurses. So, this is the right time to kick start your career.  However, if you are still feeling confused about it, keep reading this article to know more about primary care nursing.

Speaking about primary care nursing requires comprehensive ongoing training, qualifications, proper revalidation, and all sorts of skills that are crucial for nurses. When it comes to skills, a nurse must have practical and personal skills, for example, caring behaviour.

For many years, this type of nursing remains the most popular form of nursing across the globe. Even though this form of nursing requires a few home visits, they are centre-based, and they follow a regular nursing work pattern. When you meet and see your patients regularly, you will get to know more about your patients. Besides, you will get a sense of being a major in the community.


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What do you mean by primary care?

Talking about primary care, this is like the first point of access for patients for care. This may cover primary care centres, GP surgeries, optometrists, dentists, community pharmacists, and more.

Most people know that doctors or nurses involved in primary care treat cold, pains, aches, and more. But the fact is these are some of the few areas they treat. They come equipped with a broad field of medical expertise and can handle a lot of medical conditions. They can:

  1. Offer treatment for different health issues except for very unusual and uncommon ones.
  2. Offer medical or health-related advice.
  3. Keep monitoring the health based on your lifestyle and helps you in better health promotion.
  4. Educate patients about different preventing chronic diseases, increasing your physical activity level, controlling sugar level, and more.
What does a primary care nurse generally do?

A professional primary care nurse offers services or treatments for chronic or minor illness management, advice, diagnostics, treatment for minor injuries, and more. If you plan to begin your career as a primary care nurse, then make sure that you are ready to handle such things. Some of the everyday tasks they do are:

  • Suturing and wound management
  • Sexual health screening and advice
  • Ear syringing
  • Vaccines and immunization and for children, babies, and adults
  • Blood tests, smear tests, and swabs
  • Maintenance of patient records, surgery supplies, and medical stock
  • Home visits and more
What they do regularly?

They deal with multiple appointments, including the tasks above. Besides, they help admin with ordering and record maintenance. Furthermore, they also go on home visits.


Qualifications required to work as a primary care nurse

To begin your career as a primary care nurse, you must be a registered nurse with NMC- Nursing Midwifery Council. Always keep your certificates and licenses updated.


Primary Care Nurse


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