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This article is about the Top cities to work in Wales as a Nurse. Where many nurses are planning on moving to Wales to start their new career and lifestyle. We are going to be talking about the most popular cities in Wales. So that nurses who decide to work in Wales can know a bit about these cities. Also, so they know what is around to do with friends or family. 

Mylocum is a healthcare recruitment agency that is a partner of NHS Wales. We have plenty of vacancies in the following Wales cities that are really good to live in. Also, we make sure that we place the right candidate in the right employment career. That is all based on their skills, experience and requirements in the shortest time possible.

Popular Cities in Wales

Nurses, are you interested to know about the cities in Wales? If yes, below we have talked about the most popular cities that you have heard of. Each city talks about what is around the area and things you can do and see. 



Cardiff is a compact and friendly capital. Nurses you can discover pop-up dining, intimate gigs and global sporting events. They have national museums, a spectacular castle and a 76,000 seater stadium right in the heart of the city. 

Nurses here is a list of things you can do in your free time:


This is the Surgical Ward Nurse (Band 5/6) we currently have in Wales, South Wales.


Swansea is a historical country of Glamorgan in Southwestern Wales. It lies along the Bristol Channel at the mouth of the River Tawe. Swansea is the second largest city in Wales after Cardiff.

Here are things you can do and see in Swansea:

This is the ICU Nurse (Band 5/6) we currently have in Wales, South Wales.



Newport is a vibrant, multi-cultural city steeped in a rich industrial heritage. Where traditional industries sit alongside new electronics and financial service sectors. 

Nurses, did you know? Newport covers an area of just over 73.5 square miles and stands at the gateway between England and Wales.

Below there is a list of things you can do in your free time:

This is the Registered Mental Health Nurse (Band 5) we currently have in Eastern/Anglia, Colchester.


Cwmbran is a town in the county borough of Torfaen in South Wales. That lies within the historical boundaries of Monmouthshire. Cwmbran was designed as a new town in 1949 that provides new employment opportunities.

Here is a list of things nurses you can do in your free time:

  • Visit Congress Theatre of Performing Arts.
  • Shop at Cwmbran Centre.
  • Enjoy a lovely boat ride at Cwmbran Boating Lake.
  • Visit the place of worship at All Saints Church.

This is the ADHD Nurse (Band 6) we currently have in South East, Folkestone (Kent).

Overall, we have talked about the most popular cities in Wales. We mentioned a bit about the city\’s history. Nurses have given you a list of few things you can see and do in your free time with family or friends. 

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