To All The Healthcare Professionals Helping Fight COVID-19, Thank You




The world is against one of the worst threats ever in the history of mankind, COVID-19. The novel coronavirus disease has claimed many lives worldwide and is spreading to different nations like wildfire. According to the Daily Mail, the NHS was put on a war footing by Britain’s chief medics on March 12, 2020, to address the escalating threat of COVID-19. The NHS reportedly feared that almost 80% of Britain could be already infected. However, the efforts of healthcare workers have been crucial in dealing with complaints of COVID-19 from all over the world. 


How Are Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19? 

Healthcare workers, doctors, and other staff of the NHS are working at the frontline in the nation’s battle against the novel coronavirus disease. 

The Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, Dame Donna Kinnair, lauded the efforts of NHS staff fighting against COVID-19. Nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, and other staff are working round the clock for attending to patients at risk safely. 

Emergency departments, special testing pods, intensive care wards- healthcare workers are giving their 100% to combat the threat of COVID-19. Families of healthcare workers are constantly worried about their life and safety as reports of healthcare workers worldwide becoming seriously ill or dying due to exposure to COVID-19. 

In these desperate times, it is difficult for healthcare workers to take breaks or afford any privileges during their prolonged work shifts. The situation for healthcare workers becomes more complex when they reach home after a gruelling day, only to explain to their children that the supermarket shelves are empty. 

Amidst all the troubles experienced by healthcare workers in the UK, the lack of protective equipment such as masks and gloves should have been the least worrisome. However, healthcare workers and other staff continue to experience an acute shortage of protective equipment in the UK. 


The True Heroes for Mankind


In these tough times, the resilience of the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, and other NHS staff is commendable. Let’s appreciate the unsung heroes who have saved countless lives. The tireless efforts of healthcare staff in battling COVID-19 are the reason we can hope for a safe recovery from this global pandemic.

The UK government plans to recruit 35,000 additional staff members for the NHS, as reported by the Financial Times. Encouragingly, thousands of retired NHS doctors and nurses have committed to joining the battle against COVID-19.



How Can You Help?

Now, many people have questions about the ways in which they can help the heroes fighting COVID-19 at the NHS. The first thing you can do to help them is to stay home and follow the guidelines for personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or a 70%-alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

You can make the NHS workers happy by showing them support in these times. For example, donating protective equipment can be some ways to help NHS workers. We need to stand by the side of our protectors to make sure that they do their jobs with ease and perfection. 


Take the pledge and stay home to start contributing to the fight against COVID-19 right now!


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