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Community Nurses


This article will discuss the importance of community nurses and their day-to-day responsibilities. Similar to every other nursing profession, community nurses possess a wide range of skills which this article will also cover. 


What is a Community Nurse?

Community Nurses are also known as District Nurses where they are part of the primary health care team. 

In general, community nurses work in a variety of environments, from clinics and health centres to residential accommodation and patients’ own homes. Their role includes taking care of elderly, disabled and vulnerable patients who are unable to travel to a hospital.

Whenever a patient falls ill or becomes injured, the healthcare system would provide a way to help those who don’t want to be in a hospital or those who are still okay to be at home.  Nurses also can come by on a weekly basis to see if there has been any changes or not to their patients.


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The Importance of Community Nurses

Community nurses travel to patients’ homes because they can’t come to their local hospitals. They also assist them with their medical treatment and check on their health. Hence, their job is really important to society and deserves to be respected and valued by all of us.

Four of the reasons why community nurses are so important:


Community Nurses


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Varied Role

Community nurses can provide care without having the means of a hospital setting. 

This means it involves nurses working alongside their patients making sure they are providing them all the information that the patient needs to know.

Nurses will have to keep visiting patients who have been discharged from the hospitals and still need ongoing treatment until they fully recover.


Good Communication

Key skill is to have an excellent level of communication when talking to patients and listening to them. 

To have good communication between you and your patients you must speak slowly and clearly, especially if you are talking to someone who has hearing problems. 

Furthermore, nurses need to provide emotional support to the patients and to their families and friends. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to understand what is happening to their loved ones. Sometimes they just need more support throughout the time until they fully recover.


Constant Learning

All community nurses need to learn how to properly support their patients. You learn new techniques everyday. In this way nurses can understand everything they need to know about how to handle different types of patients.

Imagine that you have a loved one who needs the same care. You would give them all of your support, wouldn’t it? Same goes with your patients. They all need somebody at this certain moment in their lives who will treat them like a family.

Every single day you learn how to treat and support your patients  depending on their condition and individual needs.


Benefits for the Community

One of the benefits for the community is that nurses are making sure there are enough beds in the hospital for critical patients. By doing that they are keeping their hospital admissions down. It also helps elderly patients to feel safe and comfortable in their own homes with their beloved ones. 


Overall, we have briefly talked about what a community nurse is. We have also covered four of the reasons why community nurses are of such great importance. Thanks to these great nurses, patients are looked after and supported on a daily basis. Thank you for all your care. You are appreciated. 

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Community Nurses

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