Striving For Excellence: All You Need To Know is A&E Nursing


A&E Nursing

A&E Nursing expertise has been a matter of much debate since the early 1980s. In the late 20th century, with the mounting pressure on the A&E departments across the UK. There was a need to focus on enhancing and developing the role of nursing expertise- thus the A&E nurses were brought into the fold. They came to occupy a much greater role in the department – better skilled and equipped than before to deal with overwhelming number of cases in hospitals.

An A&E Nursing is the epitome of patience, confidence, strength, determination and balance. Let’s go deeper into what you should expect from an A&E job and what it means to be an A&E nurse.

What should you expect from an A&E Job?

An A&E job in the UK is undoubtedly a very challenging job that requires utmost dedication and sincerity. It is a job that demands a lot but yet is mostly taken-for-granted. Only you , as an A&E nurse will realise how rewarding it is when a patient smiles at you at the end of the day or recovers completely. Therefore you get to go home to his or her family. It is testing to be a nurse in the A&E department , but one that teaches you an insane amount and changes you indelibly.

Monotony is definitely not the name of the game when it comes to A&E nursing work. Each day is different from the previous one or the one after.

A&E Nursing

Have you got what it takes to be a good A&E Nurse ?

A competent A&E Nurse definitely fits into particular traits. By listing down specific qualities for an A&E nurse is simply to give an overall insight into what a day or a week looks like. Also for you to decide if you fit into such an environment

  • Patience & Strength : Patience is key while serving in an A&E The nature of cases as well as the numbers are never known. You could be catering to the needs of as many as 100 patients per shift. Not all patients will be easy to handle taking into account the nature of injury or just the temperament of the patient at the given time. Remaining calm and composed as you treat each patient with utmost care is what will make you stand out among the rest.
  • Versatile : Being flexible is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being on a round-the- clock A&E job in the UK. It’s almost like being in a band but having to play 4 out of the 6 instruments. Apart from multitasking , having a flexible attitude towards your routine is a must , because you can never anticipate what a day might look like . Also it even includes hours of working may vary, day to day and week to.
  • Instinctive : Having an instinctive eye is pertinent. It’s a task to perceive the atmosphere and vibe around each patient. But within time most A& E nurses master the skill to switch from being sweet as honey to stern as metal within seconds, which never losing out on their professionalism . In A&E decisions on life and death have to be taken within a matter of seconds, and nurses have to be agile. One second’s delay can have fatal consequences. As an experienced A&E nurse you not only need to be quick on your feet, but have great presence of mind.
  • Consistent – As an A&E nurse , you are constantly juggling with numerous cases at the same time, trying to allocate your time amongst the patients , recognising symptoms , making quick but accurate judgements and going on to administer the care needed. In such a chaotic and energy- driven atmosphere it is imperative that as a nurse you learn to control and balance your energy levels – maintaining a consistent energy level throughout the day. This can only be ensured through a proper balanced diet and a stable mind.
  • Team Spirit – As it must be clear by now, this is a very testing job and is normal for anyone to lose their mind at times. It is therefore in such crucial times when its your team that has your back. When in doubt work with your team, brainstorm or even better consult your senior colleagues. There shouldn’t be an environment of animosity or conflict , because that will prevent good patient

It’s a thrilling job to say the least , but like all other strenuous jobs this too needs you to shut-off your mind from time to time and find that reset time, only so you can keep improving at your job and serve patients better.

We, at Mylocum are strongly of the view that patient care is a blessing for a job. An A&E job in the UK has a lot of potential and is rewarding to say the least. Apart from great pay rates , flexible working hours , assistance in finding accommodation among other things we are very particular about having the best for our medical staff as we provide them with unique opportunities in medicine & healthcare across the UK and Ireland. Let the learning begin!


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