Understanding the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Nursing


Emotional Intelligence

Why is emotional intelligence in nursing so important? Some experts say it helps to prevent major burnout issues and also help nurses to enhance their practices. Well, let’s discuss this in detail. Also known as EQ, this is a perfect combination of interpersonal as well as interpersonal intelligence. When a nurse has a perfect emotional intelligence level, she can quite accurately understand and evaluate people’s emotions. They can understand body language as well as interpersonal. Besides, utilizing EQ, they can also have control over their emotions while dealing with the patient. So, this is something that every nurse should learn.

If you are working as a travel nurse, you might be enjoying your job while traveling to different places. You will get a chance to meet new people. But there is a good chance of getting burnt out. It is quite among the nurses, and stress and overwork can lead to compassion fatigue. But there is an ideal tool, utilizing which you can deal with the burnout. That tool is Emotional Intelligence.

All the nurses, especially the travel nurses, with the highest level of EQ, can lead themselves on the way where they can explore a lot of opportunities. Now, let’s have a look at some major importance of EQ and how it helps a nurse in a professional career.

Helps in developing the factor of empathy

Empathy plays a great role in the nursing profession. This is a factor that lets the nurses related and gets connected with others deeply. In her Ted Talks episode, Brene Brown said that demonstrating empathy is a choice. When you want to connect with others, you need to connect with something in yourself to know how it actually feels.

You can improve your empathy by enhancing your EQ. With this, a nurse can get easily connected with patients from different backgrounds. In nursing, the most common scenes are sadness and death. This can create stress. Maintain your EQ, and you can prevent emotional fatigue.

You will make yourself ready for the worst condition

When you are traveling to new places, surrounded by new people, it can raise the chances of something go wrong with you. But nurses with the proper EQ level can prepare themselves to deal with the worst conditions they have to face in their lives.

If you find yourself in an unfavourable condition, you can easily come up with a way to deal with the condition mentally and prepare yourself for the increased stress. Self-care is an important factor in keeping the mind at ease. It will keep the hands steady.

Emotional Intelligence

It helps in staying longer and healthier

Nurses deal with a lot of stressful situations, and more stress can cause harm. But you can decide the healthy level of stress. How can you achieve that? By maintaining a perfect EQ level, you can easily find out when the stress level reaches an unhealthy level. This, in turn, will also help you to deal with heart diseases and other chronic health issues. So, understand the importance of self-care and work accordingly.

Helps in eliminating tension among co-workers

While working, you will see fellow nurses coming in and going out of their lives. Besides, there is no such guarantee that they will be friendly to you. So, you need to make yourself ready to deal with different tense situations. How is this possible? Well, b enhancing the EQ level. Studies have proved that a better EQ level can help in enhancing business communication. Besides, it will keep you ready to work under different office formats. If you are facing issues with another nurse, you can talk to her to solve the issue. You can also discuss with the manager about this.

Helps in improving the treatment

Nurses should avoid burnout as it can greatly affect their works. When burnout level increases, it makes you tired and irritated. Besides, it can create frustration. Humans are not perfect but can try to make a better person by controlling the emotions with the help of awareness and self-care. This is where EQ comes to play. With better EQ, you can listen in a better way and understand the condition and work accordingly.

Emotional Intelligence

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