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NMC Registration
NMC – Who They Are and What They Do?

As we know, NMC is the professional regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK. NMC identifies if the requirements for registration as a nurse, midwife or nursing associates in the UK are met.

As a regulatory body NMC has the following functions:

-Maintaining the register of nurses and midwives who meet the requirements for registration in the UK, and nursing associates who meet the requirements for registration in England.

-Setting the requirements of the professional education that supports people to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for entry to, or annotation on, our register.

-Shaping the practice of the professionals on our register by developing and promoting standards including our Code, and we promote lifelong learning through revalidation.

-Where serious concerns are raised about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate’s fitness to practice, they can investigate and, if needed, take action. (NMC, 2021)

NMC Registration for people trained in the UK – How do I get on the register? 

In order to acquire the required competencies for registration, nursing students in the UK undergo the so-called ‘pre-registration nursing education’ programme. NMC is setting standards for the university nursing courses and programs.

When students get their university degrees in nursing and midwifery they can start their first job with the right skills set and knowledge to provide safe and effective care. Therefore, being a nursing student in the UK already provides the first step towards a successful NMC registration process. 

NMC Registration

The university which you graduate from will do the start of your registration process by:

– Uploading your course and personal details to the NMC database

– Send NMC a declaration of your good health and character.

Once this is done from your university, you will need to create your online NMC account. Next steps will be filling the application, paying a registration fee of £120 and declaring that you don’t have any criminal convictions. This is all you required from your side.

If all documents are present and approved, you will receive an email confirmation from NMC. It will be your written confirmation that you’re now a registered nurse or midwife with the NMC.

NMC Revalidation

NMC Registration is the initial step. In order to maintain your NMC status over the years, however, you need to revalidate every three years. Renewing is done through your Online NMC Account and it is your responsibility to complete it when it is required. Your revalidation is due the first day of the month your registration is due to expire in. 

Any changes because of Covid-19 pandemic?

If you can, you should revalidate as normal. There are, however, some people who find it difficult to complete their revalidation because of the current situation around Covid-19.

If you are due to revalidate from January 2021 onwards and you cannot do it as normal, NMC can help you with extending your revalidation deadline. You can request an 8-weeks extension if you cannot submit your application on time because you’ve been impacted by Covid-19.

NOTE: Those due to revalidate from October 2020 onwards: You won’t be able to request a further extension


Contact us if you have any questions regarding the revalidation process – we are happy to clarify the process. We also provide training and help you to earn your CPD points. Email us at marketing@mylocum.com and we will answer all your questions.

NMC Registration

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