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Nursing Journey

During your Nursing Journey, you are well aware that both personal life and work can become quite hectic. Shifts are intense, requiring constant attention to patients, and you find yourself on your feet throughout the day – just a glimpse of the immediate priorities! 


Among all this, there’s the ongoing need for professional development and revalidation. In the whirlwind of this fast paced profession, it may seem challenging to carve out time for additional learning. However, dedicating some time and consideration to cultivating efficient habits can ultimately save you a significant amount of time. 


When you’re evaluating which habits would prove most beneficial, it could be  helpful to reflect on what defines a good Nurse. Also, we’ve delved into this and distilled it into five key areas, acknowledging that every nurse we’ve collaborated with has exhibited exceptional qualities. 


What makes a good nurse?

  • Empathy 
  • Great time management 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Problem solving skills
  • A drive to learn more 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Communication


Even if you’re already mastered a large number, if not all, of these habits as a Nurse, there are still additional healthy practices you can acquire. These habits will further enhance your care administration, improve efficiency and assist you in figuring out the demands of a stressful role without succumbing to burnout.



Nursing Journey

5 Habits every nice should develop


  • Stay organised:

Establishing a system for organisation, whether through a personal planner app or a traditional diary, is a valuable practice for maintaining order in your daily routine and shifts. Cultivating effective organisational habits proves crucial in mitigating stress and feelings of overwhelm during busy shifts, especially in the face of challenges like staffing shortages or increased patient intake.


  • Communicate with your team:

Foster communication within your team, encompassing various forms and social interactions. Building a supportive network of reliable professionals ensures assistance when needed, a listening ear for support, and mutual trust. Structured communication with your team enhances collaboration, contributing to comprehensive patient care.


  • Listen to your patients: 

Prioritise listening to your patients as a means of understanding their needs and supporting their journey to recovery. Connecting with patients maintains your role as a patient advocate, defending their rights and addressing diverse needs. Patient advocacy, rooted in empathy, stands as a fundamental habit and skill for nurses.


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  • Stay flexible:

Embrace flexibility throughout your shift, enabling seamless adaptation to changing situations and requirements without inducing stress. Flexibility, though a skill in itself, proves most beneficial when coupled with the ability to maintain organisation while adjusting priorities.


  • Pay as much attention to yourself as your patients:

Give equal attention to your well-being as you do to your patients’. Cultivate the habit of self-care during your shift, from incorporating healthy snacks and staying hydrated to ensuring a good night’s sleep. Recognising the importance of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being is essential, as stress and burnout are realities in the demanding field of nursing. Learning healthy habits to support yourself can significantly impact your Nursing journey and experience.


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Nursing Journey

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