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Mylocum Academy

This article is going to be all about introducing you to our new program where we are going to be explaining to you what we do and who we are.

Who we are, What we do?

Watch this video to know more about Mylocum Academy from Afghan Khan – Director HR, Learning & Development.

The person who organized and has made Mylocum Academy to help new recruiters in this 6 weeks training program.

What is Mylocum Academy? Why work with Mylocum Academy?

Mylocum Academy, a hands-on 6-week training programme planned to support the next talent pool of healthcare recruiters to develop into skilled recruiters.

As a renowned healthcare recruitment agency based in London, we’re honoured to devote time and expert training for the next generation of recruiters.

Through a tailored recruitment plan our recruiters will feel supported in their journeys.

If you have no experience or little experience do not worry, We\’re on the lookout for passionate, hungry, career oriented future recruiters to join our team as industry recruitment training will be provided.

If you’ve got an understanding of networking and building relationships, we want to hear from you!

What is our Aim?

Our aim is to support and train prospective recruitment trainees. You\’ll take part of our 6 week Academy training programme once completed transferred to our sales trading floor.

As our trainees develop, you’ll advance through our Academy progression plan – giving you peace of mind that your career is on the right track.

Mylocum Academy

If the above interests you, then get in touch as soon as possible as spaces are limited.
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