Meet Our Healthcare Influencers: Healthcare Summit 2023


healthcare influencers

Healthcare Summit,’ Trust Me, I work in the NHS’.

Do you know about Mylocum’s Healthcare Summit which showcases the best Healthcare Influencers? We don’t want our NHS nurses,  doctors, and midwives to miss the significant healthcare event of 2023!

The online series will launch on 2nd February 2023 and features 22 healthcare professionals sharing their stories of courage and compassion in the hospitals and beyond.

From depression in healthcare workers to ways to overcome burnout, our healthcare influencers will share views on every aspect of life as a medic.

  • Dr. Anisha

Cancer survivor, Dr. Anisha actively documents her journey as a cancer survivor on social media. With the viewpoint of a GP and patient, she inspires and motivates her audience to maintain their health!

She will share her experiences in our Healthcare Summit about ways to flourish with co-workers after returning to work post-illness. We are fascinated by this subject and eagerly await hearing her inspiring tale.

  • Dr. Ezgi Ozcan

Dr. Ezgi is a GP who regularly provides insightful observations on her experiences as a junior doctor on social media.

In our Summit, she will share her opinions about being a doctor on social media. This topic is the best way to understand how medical professionals create online communities.

  • Dr. Bhasha Mukherjee 

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Bhasha Mukherjee is a former Miss England. She rose to fame for her attractiveness and significant medical career in England. Dr. Mukherje routinely provides her internet audience with practical health and wellness advice.

She will speak at our Healthcare Summit about how sugar can result in metabolic illnesses. You can learn tips from the discussion on how to manage your sugar and maintain your fitness.

  • Lea Wilson

Nurse Lea works in the A&E department at Children’s Hospital. She publishes articles about her experiences as a pediatric nurse. And will share her experiences with a chronic condition in the healthcare industry.

  • Dr. Anita Raja.

General practitioner (GP) Dr. Anita works for the NHS. She works to protect the rights and welfare of BAME populations (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) and is a qualified expert with extensive knowledge and unmatched expertise.

She will discuss Post Natal Depression at our Healthcare Summit.

  • AJ – Alexandra James

In the NHS, Alexandra, aka AJ, works as a midwife. She frequently offers advice for expectant or new mothers, including prenatal and postpartum suggestions on social media.

She will express her opinions on the function of newly qualified midwives in the NHS at our Healthcare Summit. We are eager to hear her perspective and absorb what we can from it.

  • Dr. Asha Padhiar

NHS physician Dr. Asha recently completed her fellowship successfully. She frequently posts interesting social stuff about her personal and professional life on social media.

She will express her opinions on the advantages of taking a year off after FY2 at our Healthcare Summit.

  • N’zi Ahouzan

N’zi is a nurse and care manager who shares inspiring and energising content on social media. Along with other excellent content she has produced, she is passionate about sharing how to choose and ways to get involved in the application process for becoming a registered nurse.

She will speak at our Healthcare Summit about autism and BAME people (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic).

  • Alice Jones

Alice is an NHS Paramedic who talks about her experiences working for the ambulance service. She was elected Miss Black Country after qualifying for the Miss England Final in 2022.

In our Healthcare Summit, she will talk about critical thinking, mentoring, and ways to deal with burnout.

  • Amaka Sophie Cy

NHS Physical Sophie has great enthusiasm. For the past four or five years, she has held several positions where she has worked with foreign medical graduates.

She will share her experiences working with IMGs (international medical graduates) in the NHS. The list doesn’t end here! We have 12 additional healthcare influencers who’ll share their valuable insights.

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The Healthcare Summit can provide priceless knowledge to nurses, doctors, and medical enthusiasts. The learnings can help them thrive in their career.

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You may network with a community of medical experts with unmatched knowledge and experience at the Healthcare Summit. Utilise these healthcare occurrences to your advantage and develop your current skill set.

3) Be A Part Of A Bigger Healthcare Community

The Summit seeks to unite the UK healthcare industry. You will join a stronger healthcare family post-registration.

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Goals can be swiftly and effectively attained with the assistance of knowledgeable individuals. You can connect with the top professionals in your field of expertise through our Healthcare Summit, who can develop into dependable mentors.

5) Exclusive Gifts

Our healthcare influencers lavish their devoted audience with gifts.

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healthcare influencers

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