Why Sticking with One Healthcare Recruitment Agency is Best


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Recruitment agencies can make your like easier! One of the many advantages of applying for a One Healthcare Recruitment Agency is having the ability to tailor your working hours around your schedule and your personal life. They work closely with medical companies and will organise your shifts in accordance with your preferences. So why is it good to stick to one agency? Here are a few reasons:

  • Build stronger relationships with an agency

There are agencies (including Mylocum and CarePro) that provide a personal service by which for each nurse there is allocated one consultant that will provide a 1 to 1 consultancy and full attention. Working closely with your consultants and developing a long lasting relationship makes it much easier for the consultant to understand your individual needs and to find the right shifts that match your preferences. Whereas, having multiple agencies can deprive you from this benefit of having a bond. Therefore, the consultants may not deliver the expectations you have, which can further lead to frustration.

Currently have a vacancy for General Medicine-Neurology (Consultant) in East Midlands, Northampton.
We have plenty more vacancies on our website: Job Section.

  • Desired shifts

Some people think having many agencies to work to automatically mean more shifts (although this is not guaranteed). However, these shifts may not necessarily be the ones you desire the most. Also, the multiple agency way can lead to a big flow of phone calls, which people find stressful. According to Ofcom, the persistent beeping, vibrating and flashing of notifications mean that we are constantly distracted. Therefore, this can lead to stress and anxiety by doing the same thing over and over again, while the information you provide to agencies could be achieved with a single one.

Hamid Khan, a valued candidate of Mylocum Group, firmly agrees with this way of thinking “I would highly recommend Mylocum. I was looking for a surgery job in the London area. I was offered many jobs by my agent which was overwhelming but that is just what I needed at that time. Kirty took time to listen to me and figure out what would suit my needs. She was very patient and efficient, not rushing me to sign something I would not like. She got me a great position and I loved working there. Every time I had an issue, she would always be there for me, just one call away. So if you are looking for a new challenge, Mylocum is for you.”

By creating a strong bond with your recruitment officer, you might also forge tighter bonds with the clients you work for.

Currently have a vacancy for Paediatrics and Neonates (SPR) in Yorks/Humber, Barnsley.
We have plenty more vacancies on our website: Job Section.

  • Less paperwork

Paperwork is probably the least desirable part of applying to a recruitment agency. However, things like reference checks, DBS checks and mandatory training are there to protect the client and of course, the patent. So, on the bright side, once you are 100% compliant, you can return to focus on the job you love.

In comparison, imagine the paperwork you would have to do applying to multiple agencies. Completing checklists, over and over again, ticking never-ending boxes can take a lot of your time outside of work.

Ultimately, it is your call. However if you would like to apply for healthcare assistant, NHS nursing jobs , registered mental health nurse and many more positions, contact one of our dedicated nursing teams through Mylocum or CarePro: Mylocum at 02085184336 or CarePro at 0208518337 during office hours. Alternatively, contact us or click here to register with us.

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