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Inventions Nurses


There is no doubt that nurses are incredible people. So working for hours, but the patients ahead of their requirements and go through tiring shifts. However, that doesn’t make them lower the level of services and care they offer. Their devotion to helping others doesn’t stop at code browns, skipping lunch or dinner, and nightshifts. Some of the nurses have gone some extra miles and have introduced some beneficial and game-changing medical inventions to offer better health care services.


Why are nurses in an ideal position to create new things?

It is a fact that nurses have played an excellent role for years in keeping the community safe and functioning. Whereas this will not be wrong to say that society’s unsung heroes. It is their profession that has placed them in place, i.e., between death and life, and that crucial position has not created obstacles for them in taking advantage of the position to improve the medical systems. Their instinct and hands-on-approach have helped them to bring an evolution in the industry. Now, let’s have a look at some greatest inventions by the nurses.


1. The Bill-Bonnet

It was developed to protect the eyes of premature babies from phototherapy treatment. Before the 1990s, doctors and nurses were used eye-covering made of materials they had in the hospitals. However, during the 1990s, Sharon Rogone, while working at St. Bernadine Hospital and San Bernardino County Hospital in California, invented gassed for the young patients. Those glasses offered comfortable and appropriate coverage along with protection.


2. The Crash Cart

The original name of this invention was the Crisis Cart. This is a cart made from a cart along withdraws that carry resuscitation and defibrillator equipment. This idea was introduced by Anita Door, a nurse in the year 1968. The cart helped her keep the equipment in order of their importance to quickly treat the wounds.


3. Neonatal Phototherapy

Sister Jean Ward, an English nurse, found that sunlight helped to treat jaundice. This health issue gives a yellow tinge to the baby’s skin as the process of creating new blood cells produces a high-level of bilirubin.  When the livers don’t work correctly, the babies suffer from jaundice. Nurse Ward found that sunlight helped her infants in this. Now, most doctors used phototherapy to treat jaundice.


4. Color-coded IV lines

What will you do to lower the risk of different medical errors? What are the things that can change, but in a little portion? Before introducing color-coded IV lines, nurses faced multiple challenges in keeping clear and numerous IV lines separate to prevent possible medical errors.

Nurse Teri Barton Salinas and Gail Barton Hay, her sister, invented color-coded IV lines in 2003 to help nurses while working under a high-pressure environment. The idea came from taking care of new-borns to detect the right lines in a few seconds to prevent neonatal fatalities.

If you look at history, you will find that nurses have made a massive impact in this industry, and still, they are doing the same magic by helping people stay healthy. You can also join this field with the help of Mylocum Group.


Inventions Nurses

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