Registering with Mylocum Healthcare Recruitment: Full Guide


Job in the nhs through an agency

Information provided by the Royal College of Nursing at the end of 2020 shows a high number of vacant places in the nursing field. More than 36,000 registered nurse gaps were revealed. This shortage of staff has been felt all across the UK especially during the times of pandemic. Most of the hospitals consider agency nurse job roles to be a vital resource in these times.

In order to fill in those gaps, medical recruitment agencies such as Mylocum and CarePro are working hard to ensure temporary staff for the positions.

You can easily get a job in the NHS through an agency. Healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK work closely with medical trusts units which will ease your whole journey. Working as a healthcare professional through an agency is becoming a preferred choice among many in the UK.  Driving factors for that are the higher pay rates and flexibility. It is well-known that nurses, doctors and other medical professionals benefit in many aspects while working for an agency.

Have you considered joining the NHS as a locum? Here we will present some of the benefits of working for the NHS through an agency. 

This is the Registered Mental Health Nurse (Band 5/6) in Eastern/Anglia, Colchester.
We have a variety of vacancies on our website – Apply now:  Job Section.   

Why are More Nurses Choosing Agency Work?

It is not just the higher pay rates that attract healthcare professionals to join agencies. How does the idea of scheduling your own shifts according to your life sound? Do you fancy being in charge of your life and maintain a proper work-life balance? If the answer is Yes, then agency work is the right choice for you! Let’s dig deeper into the numerous benefits of becoming an agency nurse or doctor.


Having the control of where and when you want to work – how does it sound? Working through an agency means no minimum or maximum hours of work. Hooray! You can manage your work-life balance and have the best from both. Want to take a holiday? Of course, immediately! Share your preferences and availability with the agency, and they will find out the best work for you.

The other scenario is that you already work on a permanent role. In this case you may think you want to make the most of your time during your days off. Again, the flexibility of the agency nursing jobs comes to save the day.

Pay Rate and Payment Options

Decisive factor, isn’t it? Agency nurses get higher hourly rates than full-time permanent roles. Whatever we try to convince ourselves – It is a leading factor.

Figures provided by Adzuna shows the most recent salary trends for agency nurse salaries. It clearly states that the average Agency nurse salary is 22% above the average NHS nursing salary (Based on data for February 2021, Adzuna). The other option is to use agency work to earn extra money on your days off. Imagine having your full time wage plus an extra on top. Sounds appealing, isn’t it? PAYE, umbrella or into your limited company as per HMRC requirements


You can never get bored. Having shifts in different hospitals and trusts gives you the opportunity to meet various people. Take advantage of the situation and build relationships with your colleagues. Networking with professionals will help you to gain more knowledge and assist you in learning the prerequisite terminology for your workplace.

Most importantly, it will help you to develop and grow in your nursing career in the UK.

This is the available job we have in Endocrinology and Diabetes (Consultant) in Eastrn/Angelia, Southend-on-sea.
We have a variety of vacancies on our website – Apply now:  Job Section

How to Register with Mylocum?

Let’s begin with introducing ourselves. Mylocum Group is a leading global recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of all healthcare professionals. Established 14 years ago, we have come a long way from starting as a Locum Doctors agency to further expanding into Locum Nursing and Overseas recruitment agency helping global talent connect with the UK healthcare sector.

Agencies like Mylocum and CarePro provide personal service. This means that for each nurse there is one consultant who will help throughout their whole process. What is more, the procedures are made as simple as possible to make the life of the nurses and doctors easier. We value your time!

So let us take a look at the simple and straightforward way to register with us:

Once you get in touch with our consultants and decide to move forward you will need to get compliant. Before starting your job you will have to fulfil certain requirements. Our compliance team will help you on that! 

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Job in the nhs through an agency

The main documents which are required are:

Employment History & References:

-Up-to-date CV (any gaps to be explained)

-Professional references from two placements covering a minimum of three years of latest employment

-Verification of Identity & Right to Work

-Passport (including a copy of the front and back cover).

-2 proofs of address issued within the last 3 months

-2 passport size photographs

-Proof of Right to work documents

DBS Checks:

-Overseas police check (if applicable)

-Enhanced DBS Certificate

There are also Mandatory Trainings, Immunisation proof and Other documents which you can find on our website – Compliance Page

Once you’re compliant – the fun part begins! The consultants will send you different options to choose from. We make sure that you will receive job offers which are suitable for you!

How to register if you’re an International Candidate?

Mylocum Group recruits nurses and doctors from overseas as well. Our team has been successfully recruiting healthcare professionals from abroad, supporting them in every step of the process.  

For all our international candidates relocating to the UK we:

– Take the time to find the perfect role in the right hospital that suits you and your family

– Manage the medical registration process on your behalf

– Will manage the visa application process

– Will help you obtain your National Insurance number

The requirements for getting a job as an international nurse are:

-Nurses from outside the EU are required to have a minimum of 12 months experience to be able to work in the UK

-Priority is given to countries with qualifications transferable to the UK. In other cases, they will need to take UK exams to ensure their knowledge is transferable

-All international candidates will need to have passed the IELTS UKVI or OET English language exams

Overall, agencies like Mylocum provide plenty of opportunities and benefits for the healthcare professionals. In the UK this is the easiest and fastest way to find your desired job in this field. So if you are considering a flexible way of earning as a doctor or nurse, we are here to help you. Work for the NHS through Mylocum and get the whole experience!

You can go visit our website and you can go to the CV-Library to find more job opportunities for All Healthcare Workers.