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What does being a Nurse mean? This question has multiple answers. The common aspect between all of them is that being a nurse is being there for people. Here we have gathered some pieces of advice that experienced nurses give and why the nursing profession is so important to people.

Becoming a Nurse isn’t just something you do for yourself as a career, it’s to be there for people who need your care when they are vulnerable. 

Many Nurses say that they have a long journey ahead when it comes to becoming a nurse. The reason why is that as a nurse you will have to do so many experiences to gain all the things you need to know. For instance, it could be going from a Care Assistant to a Registered Nurse. 

Mylocum Nurses always say that ‘the best part of being a nurse is the bonds that you form with patients.’ Which is true because nurses are a team of professionals that is always there for others and who loves to be there to cheer patients as they leave the hospital to go to their home.

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Being a Nurse – What does it mean?

Being a nurse means sleepless nights, vital signs, and patient care which will always be on their minds. 

But when they do, it means they are showing their patients compassion and patience. This is a really meaningful thing to patients because they are dedicating all hours of the day and night to keep patients calm.

They say that nurses are like leaders. You can communicate with your patients and have a really good relationship with them so that they feel safe instead of in a place that will stress them out. 

Another thing is that they are professionals because they know how to deal with different situations, with different patients. 

Also, they say that nurses are like healing hands that people seek in desperate times. This is because sometimes some patients don’t have family or anyone with them, so they will look towards your comfort and guidance.  

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6 Pieces of Advice for New Nurses from the Professional 

There are 6 pieces of advice that experienced nurses have to give to the new nurses who are starting out their new careers.

1.No Need to be Afraid

Being Afraid is expected for a nurse to feel in the career they are doing because witnessing the most awful and shocking thing when taking care of patients who you became so close with makes you afraid to get close to a patient again, but you just can’t control that from happening. 

Having this fear will never leave you. It will always be a memory you will have forever, but you will learn from this. If this really traumatises you a lot do talk to someone it can be your team, friends, family, or a therapist who will become your support.

2. Be Prepared that you will make a Mistake

Let’s be real, everyone makes mistakes in their lives. There is not one person who will never make mistakes that would mean they are not human. 

Most important thing is that if you make a mistake then you must not be afraid to own up to what you did wrong. 

This would also go to someone else you witnessed doing a mistake. This will help you never make a mistake like that again which will help you grow more over the years.

3. Be on time

Whenever you are late, they will have to take part in your work in your absence or spend precious minutes contacting you.

This will all be not affecting you but it will be affecting your team and your boss.

4. Take good care of yourself 

No matter how busy you are on your shift, whatever you don’t give up your right to drink, eat, take a break or use the bathroom.

Nurses always overlook their own needs because they are putting it all towards their patients. 

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5. Don’t Forget to Love It

In the beginning, things will be tough because you are new to so many things and it can be overwhelming but know that it’s also going to be something so wonderful, exciting and a privilege in working with patients and your team.

What you do as a nurse is you are being a light into patients’ life when you show your support and love to them because you are making a difference every day to all the people out there who you care for. 

6. Confidence

Confidence is always needed no matter what the situation is. This normally would just come with experience, so even if you’re not fully confident in the beginning you will eventually within time get all the confidence you need in the future in your career. 


What it really means to be a nurse? In short, it means a nurse is like a friend to a patient because of the bond they share. Being there for the people – the most simple explanation of all. However, everything that we covered is everything that you will end up going through and it will give you strong experience in handling these in the long run as a nurse. 

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