An Ode to our Frontline Warriors-Nurses, Be kind to yourself



Nurses are a profession that is selfless, beautiful, and empathetic. There’s a reason why war terminologies are used while referring to nurses, medical professionals, and care teams. They are up against grave situations such as the one we find ourselves in at the moment. They are the army that is protecting us, as we get to stay safe within our homes.

Nursing is truly a calling. You need immense self-will and inner-strength to take care of the most vulnerable. Only those who hold immense power in their souls are capable of taking up nursing as a serious profession. The expectations of this job, of course, make it a very challenging one. It’s but normal to be mentally affected by the tough situation nurses deal with daily. Thus some times when the going gets too tough, it’s important that nurses put themselves and their mental health first.

As a Nurse, it’s normal to feel anxious before every shift, given the uncertainties involved in your job. You never know what you will be dealing with on a day-to-day basis. It’s almost like a new adventure every day, and you can never know if you’re prepared to deal with it.

Take a Break.

Long and tedious hours of work, leave you drained. Having a reset time becomes important to improve productivity at work and feel happy about yourself too. Even if you manage to get only fifteen minutes of leisure time- do something that makes you feel lighter and happier. Getting off-time from work is crucial.


It’s important to set your priorities straight. You must know whether flexible or fixed working hours suit you. How much time do you want to spend at home? Are you comfortable working on the weekends? You must answer these questions for yourself and then jot down your preferences. This will ensure that you stay happy with your decisions and your work life.

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Eat Well.

Hectic days will leave you with no time to get a meal. But as a nurse, since you’re going to be constantly on the move, and you cannot let your energy drop. To be consistent at work and keep your energy levels uniform it’s important to pack small meals from time to time. Even if you don’t have time for a full meal, munch on energy bars, keep a lot of fluids by your side to prevent dehydration. Missing meals and staying hungry will only make you cranky. While you take care of others please look out for yourself from time to time.

Find a Vent.

With power-packed, emotionally intense days , you might unconsciously be accumulating a lot within you. You must find a confidante, be it a colleague, old friend , mother or even your diary. To stay afloat , you must speak  or write about things that are bothering you. Even if it’s just incoherent thoughts , get them out. It is a trusted method and rightly so- letting things out makes you feel lighter. Do not carry the burden of the emotional toil work takes on you. You are not alone in your struggles. Unless you speak about it, you’ll never know.

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Stay Positive.

As difficult cases come your way and days get tough it could be incredibly difficult to be happy with the workplace and stay positive. At such times you have to remain optimistic. Leave your work load at your workplace. Deal with each day as a new day. Staying positive comes with keeping your long-term goals in mind. You need to have something to look forward to when a day or week looks bad.

Stay True To Yourself.

Remind yourself each day why you’re in the profession you are in. What led you here. Trace your journey and be grateful. It’s very easy to be your own critic. But, today pat yourself on the back for the incredible journey you’ve had. For, being able to perform at such a thankless job, and always with a smile- is magnificent, to say the least.

What would we do without you Nurses? You put the hospitality in hospitals.

A big shout out to all nurses across the world.


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We have plenty of vacancies on our website – Apply now:  Job Section.