Advice from experts on how to stay sane during the COVID-19



Are you unable to bear the restrictions imposed by lock-down in the event of the global COVID-19 outbreak? Staying at home within boundaries for longer periods of time could lead to disturbances in the mental health of people. According to an article on NY Post, mental health could emerge as a formidable issue for healthcare infrastructures all over the world alongside the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So, what can you do to stay sane during the lock-down? Let’s take some advice from the experts on safeguarding our mental health during lock-down!

Jane Dolby, Therapist 

Jane Dolby, a therapist in Weston Road, South-end, recently presented some exceptional tips on staying sane during the ongoing lock-down. As a member of a collective of counsellors, Jane offers credible advice on maintaining your mental health during the lock-down. In her interview with The Echo, Jane emphasizes following a daily routine and maintaining contact with relatives and friends for staying sane within the confines of your home. Jane stated that the lock-down would bring drastic changes in the daily routine of many people all over the world.

She also added that the changes might end up leaving us in our pyjamas, binge-watching on Netflix, or playing video games. Jane emphasized that, however, pleasing such activities may seem in the beginning; the long-term outcomes can be potentially harmful. The presence of a daily routine keeps us engaged and helps us find new opportunities. For example, you can eat nutritious food at specific time intervals or wake up early in the morning at a particular time. Most important of all, Jane emphasized the importance of communication with friends and family through technology.

Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe

Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, the WHO Regional Director for Europe, also expressed his concerns over mental health during the lock-down. In a press release on 26th March 2020, Dr. Hans stated that the global COVID-19 pandemic is causing widespread fear and panic worldwide. He added that while fear and panic are common reactions to the uncertain situation we face now, managing and reacting to it is a prominent issue. Dr. Hans called for drawing on the virtues of strength and cooperation to respond effectively towards such a crisis together.

He further stated that the WHO recognizes the severity of the impact of the ongoing crisis on the mental health of people worldwide. Dr. Hans also answered the questions of media regarding mental health issues in relation to COVID-19 in the press briefing. He stated that we should check on each other through video chat or voice call.

In addition, he also called for compassion and mindfulness for the unique mental health needs of our family members and friends. The most important pointer by Dr. Hans Kluge for staying sane during lockdown is the recognition and acknowledgment of the anxiety and fear of others in this crisis.


Dr. Shirin Shams, Psychologist

The importance of safeguarding our mental health during the lockdown is also being recognized by mental health specialists. Psychologist Dr. Shirin Shams recognizes the adverse effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of many people worldwide. She particularly focused on the rising levels of stress and anxiety regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. One of her interesting observations is that individuals with pre-existing mental health conditions are highly vulnerable in the existing situation.

Dr. Shirin also established that families having young children will have to go through added trouble. In addition, she also focuses on methods to stay positive during the lockdown in a video titled “Coronavirus: How to look after your mental health during lockdown” on YouTube. The main focus of Dr. Shirin is on maintaining physical health, following a healthy daily routine, connecting digitally, and come up with innovative indoor activities. The pointers suggested by Dr. Shirin can help people find a simple answer to their doubts regarding sanity during the lockdown.


Finally, you can find the official guidance by NHS as the best advice for staying safe and sane during the lockdown. The tips and advice by NHS in the post titled “Mental wellbeing while staying at home” can help in coping effectively with the feelings when you are staying home. One of the foremost causes of stress and anxiety for an individual during lockdown is the ability to access employment and benefits rights.

The post also asks readers to enquire about working from home, benefits rights, and sick pay advantages. Another important pointer for mental health in the post refers to gaining control over your life. The current situation may force any individual to think that their life is spiralling out of control. According to NHS, the best approach to gain control over your day is a plan. Make a reasonable plan or to-do list of the tasks and activities in a day, and you can feel better command over your life.

On a concluding note, you can clearly notice the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. So, we have to prepare effectively for the long-term consequences of the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 on the mental health of people. The suggestions of experts can be a good place to start with!


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