4 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Agency Work as a Nurse


Nursing Job Agencies

Are you about to begin your nursing career soon? Or maybe you have been working on a permanent position and want to make a change? In both situations working as an nursing job agencies is a good choice for you to consider.

What Is Agency Nursing? Advantages of Nursing Job Agencies 

Speaking about agency nurses, they are different from nurses with permanent positions in hospitals. In general, they are the qualified nurses who are willing to take various positions and shifts obtained through the agencies offering nursing services. It gives a perfect alternative to work as a nurse with the flexibility to manage your time and shifts. How does the idea of scheduling your own shifts according to your life sound? If you fancy being in charge of your life and have a proper work-life balance – agency work is the right choice for you!

So.. what is the main reason for nurses to prefer working for nursing agencies in the UK? Let’s take a look at the main benefits. 

Pay Rate

First things first.. So let’s talk (about) money. Agency nurses get higher hourly rates than full-time permanent roles. This is a well-known factor which influences the decision of many nurses. Whatever we try to convince ourselves.. It is a leading factor.

Figures provided by Adzuna shows the most recent salary trends for agency nurse salaries. It clearly states that the average Agency nurse salary is 22% above the average NHS nursing salary.

Agency nurse salary vs NHS nurse salary – £45,444 vs £37,167 respectively (Based on data for February 2021, Adzuna)

Plus, the nursing agencies in the UK offer daily/weekly payroll. This means your earnings can be in your pocket quicker.

What is more, you can use agency work to earn extra. Many nurses who work in a permanent position choose to do extra shifts in their days off. Imagine having your full time wage plus an extra on top. Sounds appealing, isn’t it? This, of course, depends on your availability and free time. 


The second main factor for considering nursing job agencies is the flexibility. Having the control of where and when you want to work is not a mirage! Working through an agency means no minimum or maximum hours of work. Hence, the 7-week rotation circle is a myth while working for a nursing job agency. Hooray! You can manage your work-life balance and have the best from both. If, for example you have a family to look after or you’re studying for further qualifications, the agency work is a great choice! Want to take a holiday immediately? Not a problem. Share your preferences and availability with the agency, and they will find out the best work for you.

The other scenario is that you already work on a permanent role. In this case you may think you want to make the most of your time during your days off. Again, the flexibility of the agency nursing jobs comes to save the day.

nursing job agencies

Larger Professional Network

Do not underestimate the importance of networking. Use agency work as a way of contacting and engaging with professionals from your field. Having shifts in different hospitals and trusts gives you the opportunity to meet various people. Take advantage of the situation and build relationships with your colleagues. Exchange contact numbers and social media profiles because you never know who of your colleagues could be very useful in the future.

You will also gain essential insights into the nursing profession in the UK. Networking with professionals will help you to gain more knowledge and assist you in learning the prerequisite terminology for your workplace. Most importantly, it will help you to develop and grow in your nursing career in the UK.

24/7 Support

A good nursing recruitment agency provides non-stop support for its clients and candidates. Starting with the registration process, through the compliance procedures and to the final placement. Actually, no.. you’re getting support even after that. The recruitment agency staff makes sure your whole experience during the shifts is okay as well.

You are not paid on time? Call immediately the agency staff and they will fix it. Do you have other workplace issues? A member of staff is here to take over and solve the problem at any time. 

Nursing Job Agencies in The UK

The easiest and fastest way to find your desired job as a nurse in the UK is through an agency. Nursing recruitment agencies in the UK work closely with medical companies and will organize your shifts in accordance with your preferences.

Agencies like Mylocum and CarePro provide a personal service by which for each nurse there is allocated one consultant that will provide a 1 to 1 consultancy and full attention. Working closely with your consultants and developing a long lasting relationship makes it much easier for the consultant to understand your individual needs and to find the right shifts that match your preferences.

Both Mylocum and CarePro provide permanent and temporary medical recruitment with an impressive database.

Our mission is to support medical companies in the recruitment process to make it as efficient and as cost- effective as possible, while providing the best bespoke staffing solution that would suit each of our client’s and candidate’s individual needs and deliver the best possible outcome. The procedures are made as simple as possible because we aim to make the life of the nurses and doctors easier.

Are you looking for nursing agencies near your location? Mylocum and CarePro are based in London but we provide vacancies all around the UK.


nursing job agencies

So if you are looking for NHS recruitment agencies in the UK, Mylocum and CarePro are two good choices. You can check the available opportunities on our website: Mylocum or you can directly contact a member of our compliance team. Find Mylocum on CV library