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Podcasts for Nurses

This article is about 10 of the Best UK Podcasts for Nurses. We will be talking about why you should listen to the podcasts. We are going to briefly talk about each of the 10 UK podcasts.

Why you should listen to these podcasts

Why is podcast listening so important for nurses? Before you leave for work, think about your plans for the day off and your return trip. Nurses, these podcasts can provide guidance, teach you how to relax, and educate you about the outside world.

We understand that working can be challenging at times. As a result, we recommend that you listen to these podcasts. This will teach you how to manage your personal and professional lives.

This is the Midwifery we currently have in London, Ealing.


10 UK Podcasts for Nurses 

We’ve listed 10 podcasts that cover a wide range of topics that relate to nursing. These podcasts are exciting podcasts that relate to other nurses’ experiences. Podcasts that talk about situations nurses have to face over time in the UK.

  • Critical Care Nursing – by Continulus

The Critical Care Nursing podcast focuses on the ‘Critical Care Global Classroom,’ which features fortnightly lectures. That are delivered by leading global experiences in Critical Care Nursing. Have a look into the evidence based best practice with leading researchers and speakers. 

Available on Spotify & Apple.

  • The Nursing Hangover Podcast – by The Nursing Handover

This podcast is all about real life and raw nursing observations that are for nurses. It helps you go deep into the world of nursing. This is not just made for nurses but it is for health professionals. Anyone who wants to know the real gist on the nurses life.

Available on Apple

  • Nursing Standard Podcast – by Flavia Munn

The Nursing Standard podcast is about the latest news and discussions on key issues. This has an impact on you and your patients.

Available on Spotify & Apple

  • Teach me, I’m a Nurse – by Hugo Pires Ferreira

‘Is there such a thing as “education in nursing”?’ Hugo Pires Ferreira is a Registered Nurse who works as a clinical nurse educator in the UK hospital. This podcast is about how Hugo has understood the resources available within this “unfamiliar yet fascinating” area in nursing. 

Available on  Listen Notes

  • What Makes a Nurse? – by Hannah Gray

What makes a nurse podcast is about Hannah Grey who is an Intensive Care Nurse working in London. Who chats with nurses up and down the country. To find out more about their roles, why they became nurses and what motivates them.

Available on Spotify & Apple.

  • This Is Nursing – by Gavin Portier, RN 

This podcast is all about real stories and people in professional healthcare. This covers a full range of issues in many areas of nursing. Which inspires more people into nursing and offers comfort and entertainment to nurses and future nurses where you are.

Available on Apple & Spotify.

  • Nursing Matters – by Royal College of Nursing

Nursing Matters is to bring out the very best of nursing and remind the public just how invaluable the profession is. Some of the podcasts have invited experts from the RCN professional nursing committee along with some special guests. 

To talk about what really matters to nursing. From the inspirational innovations and pioneering practice to pay, conditions and health and care policy will be looked at.

Available on Apple & Spotify

  • Past Caring – by Nursing History Podcast from RCN Library

This podcast is all about using the history of nursing to understand how nurses, doctors and midwives  think about health and care today.

Available on Apple & Spotify

  • Why We Care: The Nursing Career Podcast – by Cygnet Health Care

This podcast is about helping and inspiring nurses with advice, insights into working practices, and stories from their staff, service users and patients. Nursing is centred on helping others, the programme is titled Why We Care.

Available on Spotify

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This is the Registered General Nurse (Band 5/7) we currently have in London.

We have discussed the benefits of listening to podcasts in general. Additionally, we will quickly discuss each of the ten UK podcasts. We know that working as a nurse can be stressful most of the time. 

We hope that these 10 UK products will help you nurses on a daily basis. 

Podcasts for Nurses

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