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Revalidation is the most trending topic among doctors nowadays. Revalidation was introduced in 2012 and it was aimed that by 2015/16 all licenced doctors will have been revalidated. The purpose of revalidation is to make sure that doctors are not only are up to and fit to practice but also, that they’re supported whilst their challenging career path. This can assure that licensed doctors are utilising all the available sources for their development and deliver best care for their patients.

Doctors must be revalidated every 5 years, and in order to comply with this – doctors must complete an annual appraisal which is undertaken by a suitably appointed appraiser.

Only licenced doctors will have to be revalidated and information on the following sections must be provided:

  • Evidence of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) i.e. training courses, performance reports
  • Quality improvement i.e. case reviews
  • Serious Untoward Events i.e. noteworthy events and their outcomes
  • Feedback from colleagues
  • Feedback from patients (where necessary)
  • Review of compliments and complaints

Many doctors try to manage their revalidation & appraisal in a smart way by making sure that they maintain their development on a regular basis instead of trying to gather all the needed points one month before the actual appraisal meeting. However, sometimes it might be a very challenging task as doctors’ schedule is very busy and it’s hard to keep a track on all the things that needs to be done especially when you try to think strategically and prepare for the future. Here Mylocum steps in to help you, as we cover the following:

  • Dedicated Responsible Officer and Revalidation Body that works with you individually
  • Exclusive and comprehensive provision of educational opportunity that enables you to plan your professional development
  • Techniques to achieve work productivity and keep in line with the priorities and requirements of GMC
  • Support that enables you to be up to date and fit to practice
  • Trainings on appraisal and revalidation preparation procedures
  • Appraisal meetings scheduled around your availability