What is Nurse Revalidation?


NMC Revalidation

Revalidation is a process ensuring that all nurses and midwives can demonstrate that they are practising safely and effectively throughout their career.

Revalidation is about promoting good practice across the whole population of nurses and midwives. It’s not an assessment of a nurse or midwife’s fitness to practise, and it’s not intended to address bad practice amongst a small number of nurses and midwives. The NMC already have fitness to practise processes in place for this.

The NMC has set the standards in the Code, but these are not just the standards. They are the standards that patients and members of the public tell us they expect from healthcare professionals. They are the standards shown every day by good nurses and midwives across the UK.


How to revalidate with the NMC?


Nurse revalidation started in October 2015, so if you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you do the following:-

  • Make sure you have an NMC Online account. If you don’t yet have one refer to our step by step guidance on setting up your account.
  • Find out your renewal date. This is the date that your registration period will expire. You will need to submit your revalidation application to us before your renewal date. You can find out your renewal date by checking your NMC Online account.
  • Learn about what you will need to do. Talk with colleagues about revalidation and return to these web pages regularly.

Nurses and midwives will need to familiarise themselves with the revalidation requirements and start to develop their portfolio.

Whilst revalidation builds on the existing requirements of nurses and midwives, the NMC want to provide a fair and reasonable amount of time for nurses and midwives to familiarise themselves with the revalidation requirements and prepare for their revalidation. We are proposing that the first nurses and midwives to revalidate will be those with a renewal date in April 2016.

For advise or assistance with your revalidation. Alternatively, for further information on revalidation, please visit the NMC website.