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Mylocum has in-depth knowledge of compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements with extensive experience of operating under national framework agreement since 2005 and more recently under a hub of procurement frameworks.
The Management and Compliance Teams always keep up to date with the changes in legislation such as GMC revalidations through periodic consultations with Responsible Officer and e-sources available online from relevant authorities. Also, our Internal Auditor consistently reviews and updates procedures to uphold its strict compliance practice. The Compliance Department are trained continuously in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Compliance Process
Before a locum doctor is entered onto the system, their file is checked and approved by the Compliance Manager. An independent internal audit is carried out periodically to eliminate any risk of human error i.e. discrepancies.

What is more, when a compliant file is due to expire our internal software suite will automatically produce an alert to which our Compliance Department immediately responds to in order to ensure that the file does not become non-compliant. If a candidate’s file becomes non-compliant (usually due to external circumstances), the candidate is automatically made inactive on our internal recruitment management software. Our recruitment management software is configured so that when an authority sends a requirement, it will only permit our consultants to forward compliant doctors and nurses which means only compliant candidates can be processed. Physical files of candidates are stored safely in locked, waterproof cabinets dedicated only for compliant professionals; if a candidate’s file is no longer compliant, it is removed from the fully compliant cabinet and stored in the ‘compliance in process’ cabinet until its compliance status changes. Additionally if there are any major concerns surrounding the candidate, the same procedure is followed.

Continual Improvements
We are proud to say that our compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements has significantly improved by utilising a full capacity of the software suite and introducing internal audits. The outcome of these audits is used as a measure of the company’s compliance and the company is pleased to report that the internal audits have so far indicated a clear improvement. As an evidence of Mylocum focus on compliance process, we’re proud to say that Mylocum has been awarded by Platinum Compliance Status after passing a LPP audit at 96%.

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